Download WebbookBinder and make your own page-flipping magazines!

What is WebbookBinder?

WebbookBinder is a Windows© desktop application to generate pageflip magazines in minutes. With WebbookBinder you are no longer dependent on a service provider, you can upload your magazine on your own webserver or create a CD/DVD-ROM.

Program Workflow

Just pick a PDF or a set of pictures, and set a few options to personalize your Webbook. Preview your magazine in a web browser and publish it to the Internet with just one click. Your book is ready in just 4 simple steps.


Incredible Flexibility

Change any property of your pageflip magazine, for example background color, type of toolbar, buttons to show, language of the tooltips, etc.
See the Videos to get an idea of all the features.

Video Tour

Video TourPlease visit the video tour to see how flexible WebbookBinder really is.

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